actifioActifio Copy Data Virtualization Products

Replacing siloed data management applications with a radically simple, application-centric, SLA-driven approach, Actificio that lets customers:

  • Capture data from production applications, according to an SLA you can define in just a few clicks
  • Manage it in the most efficient way possible
  • Use it whenever and wherever you need it

Actifio products are based on the patented Virtual Data Pipeline™ (VDP™) technology. This creates virtual point-in-time copies of data on-demand, for use by any business application. Actifio’s VDP is a distributed object file system, virtualizing the core primitives of data management. This enables instant creation of virtual copies of point-in-time data from the collection of unique blocks of data.

Taking advantage of the VDP starts with creating a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to drive the lifecycle of your application data.


The SLA you create in Actifio determines:

  • The frequency of data capture in native application format.
  • The lifecycle of the data. For example how long to keep an instantly accessible pool, and when to move to a more space-efficient de- duplicated and compressed pool.
  • The resources in which they’ll be kept. For example in the Tier I pool on SAS disk of the most recent snapshots, or in the de- duplicated Tier II pool using capacity optimized SATA drives.
  • A retention policy directing how long they’re to be stored.
  • Whether they’re to be replicated to a remote location or cloud service provider in order to provide geographic redundancy.

Once you have created an SLA you will be able to bind it to any application, physical, or virtual machine. You can do this using a simple point-and-click interface to select from among those that appear automatically in the Actifio interface.

Once data has been captured, it will be available for instant access to support a variety of use cases from data protection and business resiliency to app development and testing, analytics, archiving and more.

Actifio’s Copy Data Virtualization Platform

Actifio’s Copy Data Virtualization platform is made up of a set of products that leverage the Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline.


Both of Actifio’s product families are built on top of the Virtual Data Pipeline:

Actifio CDS ™ is Actifio’s Enterprise-class product, designed for large-scale deployments in heterogeneous data center environments.

Actifio Sky™ is a software-only data virtualization platform for the distributed enterprise that makes a virtual instance of Actifio’s patented Virtual Data Pipeline™ (VDP) available wherever application data resides.

When combined with Actifio CDS in the data center, Actifio Sky for ROBO delivers WAN- and storage-efficient data protection for remote offices, eliminating barriers to data mobility from the edge to the core.

VDP is accessed by the Foresight API, which creates a gateway to programmatic management and extension.

Finally, Actifio is continually developing a broad range of additional business software services that extend the power and versatility of both Actifio CDS and Actifio Sky. The most recent of these is Actifio Resiliency Director™.  This orchestrates compute, network, and data at an enterprise disaster recovery site or a cloud service provider and validates the results to provide a complete solution for non-disruptive, automated recovery and test.


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